surviving o-week


While Orientation Week 2018 is sure to be one of the best weeks of your life, it is also certain to be one of the most tiring! Between figuring out what to wear, predicting the ever so dramatic Toronto climate, and being sure of what you need on a daily basis, preparing for O-Week can be stressful! Fear not- below, you'll find tons of useful information on what you should expect throughout the week to ensure you are a prepared as ever! So make sure you're ready for the throwback of your life! 

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Taking place over the span of 8 days, o-week is filled with activities both fun in nature, as well as academic and informative. with each day being far different from the next, be sure to check the schedule as it will help you to plan each days outfits, and accessories! 

 Toronto City Skyline

Toronto City Skyline


Toronto is known for its ever changing climate, so be sure to have rain attire, sweaters, and shorts all at the ready! Typically, during early September, you can expect hot weather, with a slight breeze. With the majority of our programming taking place outdoors, dress accordingly! We recommend shorts, and your new best friend... your orientation t-shirt! However, it would be best to pack a sweater, and perhaps a pair of long pants as the weather may change in an instant! While all O-Week programming does have a rain plan, there may still one times- in the case of rain- that you may be outside. Be sure to constantly check the weather network so that you are prepared for rainy days! We recommend rain boots, a light water resistant jacket, and an umbrella! Your "frosh kit" does include a baseball cap, but be sure to pack a pair of awesome sunglasses- you'll be thanking us later. You should also bring sunscreen, and even bug spray to ensure a comfortable week. Further, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, such as running shoes, as the week is super busy with tons of activity! Sandals are alright as well, but make sure that whatever you wear on your feet, and your body, is comfortable! 

 Don't forget your water and sunglasses! 

Don't forget your water and sunglasses! 

"frosh kit" 

Upon registration for O-Week 2018, you are guaranteed a "frosh kit"! This kit will be your best friend throughout the week! In your kit you will have your very own O-Week 2018 "Trin of the Century" t-shirt, a baseball cap, a glass mug, a lanyard, coupons and goodies, and a reusable water bottle all packed into a Trinity College drawstring bag! This kit includes all of your "Trin Swag", and provides you with the perfect bag to store your snacks, camera, phone, wallet and sunglasses! We encourage all incoming students to wear their "Trin of the Century" t-shirts throughout the week, as it is not only the perfect way to show unity amongst the wonderful Trinity community, but also an easy shirt just to toss on! There are, however, a few programming events throughout the week that encourage students to dress in a semi-formal manner, a "not so semi-formal" manner, and however else they may feel comfortable! We're sure that the moment you arrive and pick up your frosh kit, you'll feel right at home. 

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Orientation Week is sure to be the time of your life, but is also hot, sweaty, and demanding. Thus, pack accordingly! Below you will find a day-by-day breakdown of events but here’s a TL; DR in case you’re lazy: 

  • Shorts, leggings, or light pants (sport shorts, jean shorts – comfortable attire that you can sweat in and wear all day whether that be attending club fairs and parades to informative events) ** A Trinity Orientation shirt will be provided for you to wear during the duration of the week

  • Comfortable shoes (running and athletic shoes suggested)

  • 2000’s looks (denim-on-denim; crop tops; baggy, low-rise jeans; sweatsuits; bandanas) – for Y2K Backfield Party and Denim Daze Dreams Dance

  • Formal and semi-formal wear (dresses, skirts, heels, suits, loafers – formal wear is what we do best at Trin! Academic gowns to come.) – for Provost’s Dinner and Matriculation

  • Blue Jays gear if you want to attend the baseball game (blue!)

  • An extra white sheet and safety pins for Toga

  • Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses (& a FAN if you don’t already have one, old buildings without air conditioning get humid real quick)

  • For most events, bring clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty in, and get ready to give everything your all!


DAY 1 

This is it, the day you’ve been waiting for is finally here, and let me tell you, don’t waste it trying to look good. Day 1 is going to consist of sweat and inevitable nerves, but most importantly, an overview of what the next four years is going to look like. You will be provided with a t-shirt you can wear for events throughout the week, such as representing Trinity in the UofT Parade. Wear shorts and comfortable shoes. Following dinner, don your best 2000’s wear for the Y2K Backfield Party, frosted tips, low-rise jeans, and crop tops encouraged.



Weather permitting, Orientation Week has traditionally been a hot and wet week (whether from sweat or rain). Keep your red t-shirt handy but stay comfortable and cool for a day full of information sessions. Get your best Britney and Justin level, denim-on-denim, ready for the Denim Daze Dreams dance in Seely Hall at night (don’t worry, hit up Black Market if you’re lacking in sufficient options).

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Day 3 is packed with events around both downtown Toronto and the University campus so dress to move around. Come dinner, time to bust out your semi-formal wear for the Provost’s Dinner in Strachan Hall (dresses and suits encouraged). For the boat tour at night, potentially bring layers as being on the water can get breezy.


DAY 4 

You MUST wear your Trinity Orientation red t-shirt for the UofT Parade! This is traditionally a warm and sweaty affair so stay hydrated, sunscreened, and dress accordingly. This is the best way to show your Trin pride as you learn college-specific chants and dances so be prepared to trek around downtown Toronto! Come evening, formal wear is highly encouraged for Matriculation in which you will be sworn into Trinity by signing your name in the book so look your best for this special induction into the college! At Trinity, we pride ourselves in dressing up for any possible occasion we can.

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DAY 5 

Day 1 of classes, don’t stress everyone else is probably just as confused as you are! Following what is sure to be a packed first day you can choose to head to Eaton Center or Bed Races if you’re feeling like you need a breather. Thursday night is Club Night at Tequila Jacks which is sure to be a warm, late-night so stay comfortable and safe!


DAY 6 

On Friday, Day 2 of classes, the events of the week finally starting to wear on you, head to the Trin Clubs Fair to see what unique options Trinity has to offer (James Bond Society! Salterrae! The Lit!), as well as “How to Trin” to learn about the ins and outs of social and academic Trin life. Head to the Blue Jay’s baseball game at Rogers Centre at night, wearing your best Blue Jays paraphernalia or Jays blue gear, to cheer on your (new!) local team. Alternatively head to Snakes and Lattes for board game fun or the iconic Ripley’s Aquarium (pink jellyfish!) for a fun night out.

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You’ve survived your first two days of classes, go you! Head to BBBB&BSB ready to cool off and get WET or alternatively the Slime Fight prepared to get slimey. On a more civilized note, head to Trinity Bellwoods for a picnic. THEN, prepare yourself for what is traditionally the best party of the week Toga! White bed sheets encouraged. Get ready in the given common rooms if you need help pinning and adorning your sheets for your Grecian themed night ahead (more pins suggested to avoid slippage).

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DAY 8 

You’ve made it to the last day of Frosh! Lounge out watching movies in the GIT or head to Kensington (if you still have the energy and are not yet swamped with readings) to explore Toronto’s hipster scene. Stay healthy, stay hydrated, stay lit. Congrats and welcome to Trinity. It’s going to be a wild ride!