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Trin Of the century

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Please register by August 19th

Registering is extremely simple! Just log into your University of Toronto email account, and you will have received an email from Trinity College. This email contains a link, as well as instructions on how to register. You must use the link to log into the newly admitted students hub, and read the required documents. As soon as this is finished, you must simply follow the prompts and you are all set! 


Who are we?



The Trinity College Orientation Committee is a group of dedicated students who are volunteering our time to ensuring the incoming students’ first week at university is filled with fun, as well as invaluable information to help ease their transition to university life. We have specially designed programming with all students in mind, and cannot wait for you all to experience it!  We truly hope that all of you enjoy O-Week as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Get ready for the throwback of life, because we cannot wait to meet you.


Trinity College orientation week aims to integrate and introduce vibrant, and ambitious incoming students to our small and exceptional community. Orientation week promises to be filled with fun and excitement to prepare students for university, and most importantly being a part of a college that fosters community, responsibility and leadership. 


Trinity College is so much more than an academic institution. Trinity is a small and bright community filled with inspiring and spectacular people. Trinity College at the University of Toronto is located within one of the most academically challenging and prestigious universities in the world. Trinity is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, a bustling city filled with culture, people and opportunities. Toronto boasts vibrant life, as well as great restaurants, sights, and experiences, some of which will be explored during o-week 2018. Orientation week includes social, informational and academic actives designed to promote a smooth transition to university, and the rest of your lives. 


The Trinity College Orientation Committee is a licensed and recognized, non-for-profit organization at Trinity College. Trinity College is itself a registered Canadian Charity (registration #: 119269751 RR0001). If you have any questions, contact Trinity's Office of the Dean of Students. 

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 the dream team

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Shelby Joy Martin

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David "Buster" Browne

arwyn hs

Arwyn Workman-Youmans

Hey hey! I'm Shelby, I'm David, and I'm Arwyn, and we are all privileged, and honoured to be your Orientation Week 2018 Co-Chairs! We cannot wait to welcome YOU- the incoming class of 2022- to our wonderful Trinity College community. This years theme is "Trin of the Century", and is inspired by 2000's popular culture, designed to offer a carefree and totally rad vibe as you all prepare to transition to university life, and your new home. It's going to WILD week filled with fun, and amazing memories, so get read for the throwback of your life. 



Commuter life

Commuter students comprise a massive part of the Trinity College community. While entering university as a commuter student can be quite daunting considering you won't be living on residence, or perhaps even remotely close to campus, being a commuter is an invaluable experience. Simply because you commute does not mean you are necessarily at a disadvantage in making friends or getting involved- at Trinity, everyone is welcome. So long as you're willing to put yourself out there, you'll fit in seamlessly, regardless of your commute. 

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MItch nadar, commuter coordinator

Hey! I’m Mitch, and I’m one of your three commuter coordinators this frosh week! I’ve been a commuter for 3 years and while it can be difficult to stay in the loop, Trin has never failed to provide open arms to anyone friendly enough to put themselves out there and make friends in the first few weeks of school. In my time here, trin has slowly become more and more friendly to commuter students, and there are tonnes of opportunities to meet people and get involved if you’re willing to leave your comfort zone now and then. If any of you have questions about how this place works, or if you’re nervous and want to chat it out, find me on Facebook! Also I have two gowns that I’m selling for a discounted price, save yourself some money and contact me ;)!

cindy wu, commuter coordinator

Hello! My name is Cindy and I am so excited to be one of your Commuter Coordinators this year. I'm going into my fourth year as an International Relations and Peace, Conflict & Justice double major. I've only been a commuter for one year so far, but I am loving it! Living on your own can be really challenging and daunting at first, but soon you'll be thankful for the luxuries of commuter life - trust me. You will encounter challenges, but nothing you won’t overcome. The easiest way to make friends as a commuter is to participate in orientation week, and to participate in the commuter-residence pairing program! Come out to any of our events, and just hang out in the commuter lounge if you decide that res people are gross. If you have any questions about Orientation, U of T, Trinity, commuter life, course selection, etc., message me on Facebook! I'd be happy to chat.

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Abhishek MOturu, commuter coordinator

Hullo & Welcome! I'm Abhishek and I am a 4th year Computer Science specialist, and Math major. I'll be one of your Commuter Coordinators for o-week 2018. Over the past 3 years, as a commuter who lives pretty close to campus, I've stayed involved at Trinity through 2 main facets:food (I usually eat in Strachan, or at the Buttery), and events (Trin has a lot of traditions, events and student organizations that cater to various personalities- there's something for everyone!). Orientation Week was one of the most memorable weeks of my university experience, not only because it was when I met the people whom I call friends today, but also because it was an awesome intro to the place that helped me grow personally, academically, and socially. Say hi in person or on Facebook at anytime! 



The easiest way to make friends as a commuter is to participate in orientation week, and to participate in the commuter-residence pairing program!
— Cindy Wu

Trinity college is pleased to offer a "Commuter/ Residence Pairing Program" during orientation week 2018. The program offers commuter students the opportunity to stay with a Trinity resident student for the duration of orientation week. This program is a great opportunity for commuter students and resident students alike. The pairing program has seen much success over the years as it fosters a strong sense of community, and allows incoming students the opportunity to build beautiful friendships. Unfortunately, this program is limited as not all resident students volunteer their rooms, so please consider volunteering to host a commuter student if you will be living at a Trinity residence! The program comes at no additional cost. Upon online registration, you will note that their is an option to either volunteer your room, or for commuter students, request to partake in the week long boarding! 

St. Hilda's Residence

   Commuter Events 

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Our entire O-Week programming is designed for resident, and commuter students alike. All incoming students are invited, as well as encouraged to come to all programming that interests them. There are, however, two distinct events designed specifically for incoming commuter students. We strongly urge incoming commuter students to attend our Commuter Info Session and Mixer on Sunday, September 2nd, from 4-6 p.m. Your 2018, O-Week co-chairs, as well as your commuter coordinators, Mitch, Cindy, and Abhishek will also be hosting a "Commuter Weekend", which is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 18th- more details will be released as they are made available. 






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"How do I find a place to live? How do I go about finding roommates?" 

If you're not commuting from home, finding a place to rent in Toronto can be a nightmare. Join the U of T housing pages on Facebook to see if people have spaces for rent or are looking for roommates, and go on Craigslist, Kijiji and Padmapper obsessively. If you're nervous about living completely on your own, U of T Co-op Housing can also be a good option, saving you the hassle of finding roommates and a house, as well as providing a partial meal plan!


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"I'm nervous about making friends... any tips?" 

The best way to make friends as a commuter is to come out to any of our events! Also, definitely come and just hang out in the commuter lounge (NRAC Common Room), if and when you decide that res people are gross.


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"How the heck do I cook? How do I deal with my horrendously messy and loud roommates?... How do I do my own laundry?" 

If you're not commuting from home, that's something that you'll have to figure out yourself - growing pains, young one.




Check out below for some information on non-resident Trinity College Strachan meals, the TTC (Toronto's Subway System), general student life at Trinity, and locker rentals at Trin!  

International life

Being an international student at Trin is something to treasure and be proud of.
— Julian Snelling

Students from across the globe make the trek from wherever they may be, to Trinity College. Trinity boasts an extremely large international population, and as a result fosters tons of international resources, as well as student run internationally inspired organizations. While leaving home, and travelling to a foreign country can be scary, we can assure you assure you that you will be happy to call Trinity home. Whether you're a domestic or international student, there's something for everyone and most certianly something for you. 

charlie hs .jpg

Charlie huang, international coordinator 

Trinity has provided me not only with accomodation and dining, which made studying and living much easier, but also the friendly atmosphere - that I know I will be welcomed to college activities, yet there are also places for me that are more intimate and home-like. It is the freedom to choose that makes Trinity great. 

julian hs. .jpg

julian snelling, international coordinator 

Being an international student at Trin is something to treasure and be proud of. Not only does it add to Trin’s diverse community but is one of the defining characteristics that makes Trin so engaging. At first, being an international student may be daunting, however, this evaporates moments after entering the college. During orientation week this fear is immediately alleviated as students both local and international are assimilated into a single open and welcoming community, one which even upon first glance feels like home. I realized this oneness within the Trin community immediately. From the very first step I took into Trin, I no longer felt like an outsider but rather part of a community that was greater than myself, one which encourages you to be unique whilst fostering a grander sense of community.

As a smaller college, students are constantly interacting and working to both strengthen previous relationships and kinder new ones.
— Julian Snelling


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O-Week is a spectacular opportunity for domestic, and international students to come together and celebrate in the place that they will have the pleasure of calling "home" for the next four years. International students are both invited, and encouraged to partake in all of the wonderful programming that orientation has to offer. Of particular interest to international students are two events which have been specifically designed with the international community in mind. We strongly encourage incoming international students to attend out International Info Session and Mixer on Sunday, September 2nd, from 4-6 p.m. Further, there will be an International Student Brunch on Tuesday, September 4th, from 10 a.m., until 12:30 p.m. hosted by the TCCSA (Trinity College Chinese Students Association). The brunch event is accessible on a first come, first served basis!  




Writing Centre & Academic Dons

At first I was unsure of the help writing centre can provide, but I tried it and loved it! Be sure to take advantage of all of the academic resources that Trin has to offer, they are here to help! I highly suggest approaching the writing centre with any of your papers or assignments, they're sure to offer great advice which can aid in your academic endeavours. Further, consult the academic dons! They were in your shoes at one point, and love to help!  

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Staying on Residence 

I panicked when learning about the rule that you "can't" stay on residence during the winter holiday, until I was assured by another fellow international student that you CAN stay on residence, since being an international student is considered as valid reason! Do not fret! 



From the very first step I took into Trin, I no longer felt like an outsider but rather part of a community that was greater than myself, one which encourages you to be unique whilst fostering a grander sense of community.
— Julian Snelling
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A frosh is someone who is new to University. The word comes from the term “freshman,” which is more common in America. If you're a first-year student, then you're a frosh. You'll hear the word a lot during the week of Orientation activities, which is often called Frosh Week. 


International resources

Check out below for some helpful information regarding being an international student at Trinity College, as well as the University of Toronto more generally! Below, you'll find some useful information on the TTC (Toronto's Subway System), international student support at Trinity College, general information on being an international student at U of T- such as, resources to help ease the transition to life in both Toronto, and university, English language support initiatives geared to assisting non-English speakers as they transition, and much much more!