Planing tips

  1. Download our schedule here.
  2. Check out event descriptions below to learn a bit more about them.
  3. Come to whatever you are interested in and skip the rest (although you should give everything a chance).
  4. Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

commuter STUDENTS

The commuter lounge is located in the Buttery and is THE place to chill during O-Week. It's open to res, non-res, and commuter students. It's open all week and has a few feature activities and games that are sure to keep you entertained! Students can look forward to TV binging, movies, games, friends, and of course food!

resident students

Resident students can meet their Residence Dons on the Monday of Orientation Week from 5pm - 5:30pm! Don't miss out on this chance to get to know one of your best resources for the school year. Resident Students can meet their Dons the Quad at 5pm on Monday, September 5th.

event descriptions

We know that some of our events have some vague names so we have gone ahead and explain them all in detail to you below! Check it out if you are confused and don't be afraid to contact us if you have any questions for any other events!

  • lights, trin, action
    Make your actorial debut at this backfield party, lavish with floodlights, a director's photo booth, and your favourite DJ playing your jam. Meet your fellow celebrities and make the most important decision of the week: who will be your entourage this year?
  • trinema studies 101
    Heed the advice of academic dons and administration as you learn the do's and dont's when dealing with matters of mental health, sex, alcohol, and equity. The HappyU team from U of T's Department and Wellness will also be present to talk about the mental health resources available on campus.
  • intercollegiate event
    We'll be collaborating with Woodsworth to host the Devonshire Block party where first years can take advantage of inflatables, the dunk tank, mini games, and lots & lots of free stuff.
    This semi-formal event is hosted by Provost Mayo Moran and is regarded a favourite by many Trinity Students. Students are welcomed into college with a formal ceremony with a semi-formal reception in the Quad afterwards. The closest thing our movie stars will have to the Oscars: a fancy photo-shoot in the Quad, a long ceremony, and an appetizer-heavy networking session afterwards.
  • dazed & confused (unrated)
    Get first-hand advice from your most successful frosh leaders about how to handle work in a variety of majors. Find out how to stay on top of your work, how to play the university game properly, and how to recover if you find yourself in muddy waters. Upper years will also be able to answer any questions students might have about events or life at Trin (e.g., what is wristbanding and why do I have to obsessively refresh the Trinity website at 9 am on a Monday morning?). This event will build strong relationships between upper years and first years.
  • toga | olympics
    The climax, falling action, and conclusion of an undeniably strenuous week of fun. Put your decorating and dancing skills to the test on the most anticipated night of your Trinematic Adventure. Or, if it tickles your fancy, carry on the Olympic legacy by showing off your Water Pong, flip cup, and rage cage skills!